iTunes Affiliate Link Translator & Geo-Locater brought to you by LivePopBars.

Translinker will assist iTunes affiliates by translating links from one iTunes store to another quickly and easily. Affiliates only earn commissions if the link matches the store that the clicker actually uses to purchase products in iTunes. If they follow a link to the wrong store, then you just lost that commission. Translinker does not require you to set up any accounts or anything and doesn't cost any money up front to use (we just replace 10% of referrals with our own affiliate ID).


Note that the following information is outdated as PHG have now replaced LinkShare and DGM. The Translinker service remains operational and has been updated to reflect this change.

Simply replace any iTunes links on your site with a link in the following format:

With the following parameters:
linkThe original iTunes link, urlencoded.
cc[Optional] Country Code. Normally, Translinker will detect the country of the user from their ip. If for any reason you wish to override this, set this parameter to the desired 2 - letter country code.
hint[Optional] If you are linking to an item with limited availability that has a similar title to another item, including the artist and title in this parameter can help to generate correct links. Should rarely be necessary. Must be urlencoded.
au[Optional] AffiliateID for Australia (DGM network)
at[Optional] AffiliateID for Austria (TradeDoubler network)
be[Optional] AffiliateID for Belgium (TradeDoubler network)
br[Optional] AffiliateID for Brazil (TradeDoubler network)
bg[Optional] AffiliateID for Bulgaria (TradeDoubler network)
ca[Optional] AffiliateID for Canada (LinkShare network)
cy[Optional] AffiliateID for Cyprus (TradeDoubler network)
cz[Optional] AffiliateID for Czech Republic (TradeDoubler network)
dk[Optional] AffiliateID for Denmark (TradeDoubler network)
ee[Optional] AffiliateID for Estonia (TradeDoubler network)
fi[Optional] AffiliateID for Finland (TradeDoubler network)
fr[Optional] AffiliateID for France (TradeDoubler network)
de[Optional] AffiliateID for Germany (TradeDoubler network)
gr[Optional] AffiliateID for Greece (TradeDoubler network)
hu[Optional] AffiliateID for Hungary (TradeDoubler network)
ie[Optional] AffiliateID for Ireland (TradeDoubler network)
it[Optional] AffiliateID for Italy (TradeDoubler network)
jp[Optional] AffiliateID for Japan (LinkShare network)
lv[Optional] AffiliateID for Latvia (TradeDoubler network)
lt[Optional] AffiliateID for Lithuania (TradeDoubler network)
lu[Optional] AffiliateID for Luxembourg (TradeDoubler network)
mt[Optional] AffiliateID for Malta (TradeDoubler network)
mx[Optional] AffiliateID for Mexico (LinkShare network)
nl[Optional] AffiliateID for Netherlands (TradeDoubler network)
nz[Optional] AffiliateID for New Zealand (DGM network)
no[Optional] AffiliateID for Norway (TradeDoubler network)
pl[Optional] AffiliateID for Poland (TradeDoubler network)
ro[Optional] AffiliateID for Romania (TradeDoubler network)
sk[Optional] AffiliateID for Slovakia (TradeDoubler network)
si[Optional] AffiliateID for Slovenia (TradeDoubler network)
es[Optional] AffiliateID for Spain (TradeDoubler network)
se[Optional] AffiliateID for Sweden (TradeDoubler network)
ch[Optional] AffiliateID for Switzerland (TradeDoubler network)
gb[Optional] AffiliateID for UK (TradeDoubler network)
us[Optional] AffiliateID for USA (LinkShare network)

You need only supply ids for the countries for which you are an affiliate.

Example Links

The following links to "Till The World Ends" by Britney Spears in the Australian iTunes Store, but if you click it you will be taken to the equivalent page in your local iTunes store, provided the track is available there.
If a track is not available in the user's store, the original link will be returned (affiliate encoded).

This link (to Adele's "Rolling In The Deep") has uses the cc parameter so the user is always sent to the US iTunes Store, regardless of where they are from. The link points to the Australian store but is translated to an equivalent link in the US store.

For any enquiries or to report a bug, email